Mod rewrite test

This page is obsolete. The functionality is included directly in the installer from 1.8 onwards.

In the directory where you plan to install Elgg, do the following:

Create the file .htaccess and add these two lines

RewriteEngine on 
RewriteRule ^testing.php$ modrewrite.php

This tells the webserver to load modrewrite.php when testing.php is requested.

In order to get this test to work on some virtual servers, you may need to add:

RewriteBase /
prior to the RewriteRule line.

Create the file modrewrite.php with this line

<?php echo "mod_rewrite works"; ?>

Create the file testing.php with this line

<?php echo "mod_rewrite does not work"; ?>

Now use your web browser to load testing.php. If you see "mod_rewrite works" your server has a working mod_rewrite instance. If you see anything else, including an internal server error, your server is not properly configured for mod rewrite.

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