GSoC Skill Demonstration

Reviewing applications is hard work. It is difficult to tell whether someone is a talented coder or good at sounding like one. We want to give you the chance to make it easy for us by demonstrating your ability. While we can't promise that completing any one task will ensure acceptance, here are some things that will help:


Fixing bugs and adding features

We've found some bugs and enhancements to get you started. Too easy for you? Ask us for something harder.

  • #2591 remove newlines from queries
  • #3235 Rename "external pages" to use shorter urls
  • #2111 Add an admin button for resetting the cache
  • #3252 Send notifications to admins when someone reports bad content (Soniea is working on this)
  • #1279 Specify image dimensions in <img> tags
  • #3253 Better system log rotation
  • #3257 Add a print viewtype/css file
  • #3325 Add cursor: pointer to the admin area system messages
  • #3326 Increase width of admin area text inputs
  • #3265 Move .elgg-text-help into core
  • #3268 Forward to referrer on action not defined
  • #2490 Improve/remove useless comments in htaccess

Writing a plugin or tool for Elgg

How about writing a plugin or tool that benefits the Elgg community? Please create an account at Github and then send us a link to the project. Here are a few potential ideas:


  • A math CAPTCHA
  • A spell checker (could integrate with TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor plus work when that is turned off) (Saket is working on this)
  • A Dropbox plugin (allow users to connect their Elgg account to dropbox so that users can share large files)
  • foursquare checkin widget for users' profiles


  • A script that determines what language strings are not being used in a plugin. Check the languages directory of a plugin to see what i18n strings are defined. (Completed by Timothé) You could also do the opposite - see what i18n strings are being used but are not defined in the language file.
  • A script that determines what views are not being used in a particular installation of Elgg.

Have a question on one of these? Ask us!


  1. Remember, GSoC is focused on Elgg 1.8, which is currently in pre-beta!
  2. Be sure to test your fix/plugin to make sure it actually works!
  3. It is always good to keep backwards compatibility in mind.
  4. All code should conform to Elgg's best practices and coding standards.
  5. We prefer that you submit your patch via github.

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