Elgg register page handler

elgg_register_page_handler($handler, $function)

Registers a page handler for a particular identifier

For example, you can register a function called 'blog_page_handler' for handler type 'blog'

For all URLs http://yoururl/blog/*, the blog_page_handler() function will be called.

The part of the URL marked with * above will be exploded on '/' characters and passed as an array to that function.

For example, the URL http://yoururl/blog/username/friends/ would result in the call:

blog_page_handler(array('username','friends'), blog);

A request to register a page handler with the same identifier as previously registered handler will replace the previous one.

The context is set to the page handler identifier before the registered page handler function is called. For the above example, the context is set to 'blog'.

Page handlers should return true to indicate that they handled the request.

Requests not handled are forwarded to the front page with a reason of 404.

Plugins can register for the 'forward', '404' plugin hook. @see forward()


string $handler The page type to handle string $function Your function name

return true|false Depending on success

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